Canada has one of the most successful entrepreneurial ecosystems in the world. From Vancouver to Halifax, the Canadian tech ecosystem has hundreds of world-class start-ups, but few become global enterprises.


The initial challenge for most startups is identifying and building a product offering that solves a significant problem and can be monetized. But landing on the perfect product/market fit is never the endgame. The next challenge for most startups is one of scale, and this phase of a startup’s development is no less challenging than the first.

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Constraints to Scaling*

The Lazaridis Institute conducted interviews in 2016, asking entrepreneurs and tech influencers across North America about the biggest constraints to scaling.

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1. Insufficient access to capital (16%)

2. Ecosystem dynamics (20%)

3. Shortage of executives with experience scaling companies (53%), especially in these key areas:

  • Sales and marketing (68%)
  • Organizations design and execution (30%)
  • Product management (17%)
  • Internationalization (17%)
  • Operation finance (10%)

*Results from a 2016 Lazaridis Institute report, Scaling Success: Tackling the Management Gap in Canada’s Technology Sector.