What is organizational change management?

Is your company in a growth or scale-up stage? If you’re planning your next big steps and are in process of significant changes to your current management strategy and systems, organizational change management can prove very beneficial.

Once you hit a certain size and success level as a company, organizational change management – the practice of managing enterprise changes like mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, process changes and culture shifts – is key to transitioning your people and resources in a way that best lowers resistance to change. Here are seven benefits of organizational change management for growth-stage companies:

Assessing Processes

When you’re equipped with a strategic change management plan, your business gets a visual of what your process will look like for change and what milestones need to be reached to achieve your end goal. This means those in charge of transition can easily assess successes during critical project stages, and this gives your company the opportunity to motivate your teams to attain desired results.

Smooth Day-to-Day Operations

Even though you’ll run into some challenges and might need to make a few sacrifices, you should be able to implement change without harming the way your business currently operates. Having an effective change management plan in place considers your team and what they require to keep doing their jobs, so there aren’t any negative effects to your daily operations.

Anticipation of Upcoming Challenges

Organization change management also forecasts any potential roadblocks that might prevent you from achieving desired goals. Part of change planning includes preparation of how to respond to challenges should they arise during your transition.

Aligning Existing Resources

When your business is in scale-up stage and you’re making changes to your profit strategy, the key is to integrate your current people resources and not necessarily replace all existing ones. With an effective organizational change management plan, you can make the most out of what you have and what you’re investing in to make your future vision work.

Reduce Risks and Costs

Creating an operative change management plan allows accurate budgeting and lowers cost of transition. Involving the right leadership team can significantly reduce inefficiencies and avoid costly initiatives that won’t contribute much or at all to your future vision/ultimate goal.

Increase ROI

Not only can you minimize costs with the right change management plan, but with the right staff and processes in place, you’re a lot more likely to see positive return on investments made in the changes you’re implementing.

Prepare For Growth

Through solid organizational change processes, best practices can be developed to nurture and prepare your teams for future company innovations and growth.


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